Create Your Dream Space in Your Current Home


Remodels today can give the homeowner virtually any product he wants, within the confines of code requirements and budget.  It is possible to bring new and green technology into the home plans if so desired.  

Our Process

Our remodel process begins and ends with a clear understanding of what you wish to undertake and create. We achieve this clear understanding by having a one-on-one meeting with you and discussing your vision. We can work within the confines of a specific time period or style or we can do something completely out of the box. It’s up to you. Once your ideas have been expressed, we will walk you through a design phase which leads into development and construction. Individual experts on our team will be brought in throughout this process to discuss budget possibilities so we can assure you that we always stay on track.

Our Focus

Bathroom and kitchen remodels offer the biggest bang for your buck. We love remodeling bathrooms and kitchens because they have such incredible potential to add tons of equity to your home. While we love the payout that a bathroom or kitchen remodel can have, we do all kinds of remodels. In fact, it’s quite common for a kitchen remodel to make it’s way into a living and dining room remodel as well. Once a client sees the great work we are doing for them, they often get excited and want more. Whatever it is that you want remodeled, we can handle it.

The best remodel projects are where the owner, architect and home remodeling contractor work closely together to make sure the overall idea, planning and details are implemented according to the owner’s originally designed home plans. You get to work with a skilled architect and home remodeling contractor that will help you design beautiful house plans. With S4S Design + Build, your remodel will be a pleasant experience from conception to completion.

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