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The first thing most people ask is what does S4S stand for? In the construction industry, the term S4S is used for lumber that has been surfaced on all four sides. This term is typically used when referring to high grade, quality lumber.  In order to construct a superior product, a craftsman’s lumber should be S4S.

S4S Design + Build is a residential architecture company headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. The firm is comprised of an exceptionally strong team of professionals who are experienced in architecture, general contracting and construction management. We believe that the realization of custom dream homes in Fort Worth should be a positive experience from inception to completion. S4S was formed out of necessity for an entity that could offer the synergy of designing, building and producing a superior product while standing firmly on the values of honesty and integrity.   

We have brought Architecture and Construction together through close communication, thus making the circle of responsible parties smaller and more efficient.  A clear understanding of the owner’s intentions is the foundation of every project.  Because of this tight circle of communication and the synergy it provides, when constructing custom dream homes, your builder should be S4S Design + Build.

S4S Design + Build in Fort Worth, TX. Locally Recommended.